G-Press Copper Fittings: Connections in seconds. Performance for Years.

Faster, Safer, and Smarter Solution

Offering connections in seconds and providing performance for years, the GRINNELL G-PRESS Copper System is one of the fastest, safest, and smartest pipe-joining solutions available.

In a matter of seconds, G-PRESS Piping Systems can be installed to fit tight time constraints and budgets. Additionally, the Leak-Before-Press feature quickly identifies any installed fittings that have not been properly pressed.

Connections with G-PRESS Copper Fittings create durable, air- and water-tight seals with an easy-to-use crimping tool, eliminating all soldering or welding. G-PRESS fittings also eliminate fumes, flames and cutting oils, creating a cleaner, safer work environment.

Flexible and Complete Product Offering

For greater versatility, a full line of G-PRESS Copper Fittings are available in ½-inch (12.7mm) through 2-inch (50mm) sizes. For tube sizes larger than 2-inches (50mm), G-PRESS fittings allow a transition to GRINNELL Grooved Copper Fittings. GRINNELL Grooved Copper Fittings are available in 2-inch through 8-inch (50mm - 200mm) sizes. These mechanically joined press fittings are designed to work with hard (drawn tempered), half-hard, and soft (annealed) copper tubes.

Easy Installation

A G-PRESS Copper System is the ideal solution for a variety of applications such as hot and cold potable water systems, hydronic systems, and process piping. G-PRESS Copper Fittings are available in copper and lead-free brass.

Advantages That Make a Difference

• Reduces labor requirements for time-efficient savings

• Enables wet connections and avoids costly shutdowns

• Lightweight, installs with ease

• Long-lasting performance with a 10-year limited warranty

Unique Leak-Before-Press Feature

The G-PRESS O-ring design provides a unique Leak-Before-Press feature. This feature helps to ensure a leak-free system by allowing the installer to easily identify any fittings that have not been pressed properly during the system test.

Proven Quality and Reliability

Grinnell Products is focused on providing the most efficient pipe-joining technologies available in the market. With over 160 years of experience, Grinnell Products offers a reputation as a reliable, respected, and trusted brand. Our industry-best 10-year limited warranty demonstrates this commitment and confidence.

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